Dove eravamo rimasti?

And now: what will happen? It is possible to hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. Who will it be? (44%)


I breathed heavily, I was worried but also curious at the same time. I didn’t know what would  happen, but anyway I was determined to know the truth. So, step by step, I reached the door  to the basement… “Crack, crack”, it was the only sound I was able to hear, coming from the creaking stairs that, however harmless, seemed  deafening to my fearful mind. My glance moved to the red door and I couldn’t open it because of the wooden palings that covered it, but, thanks to the ax I had found in the emergency box, I managed to open it. I found myself in front of a big dusty library that blocked the entrance. Armed with courage, I pushed it causing a stunning din and finally I came into the basement. The first feeling I felt was the stifling unpleasant smell, given by the dampness of the place, but also by the fact that this place had been closed for a long time. As my glance got down, I screamed: there was a dead man in the room! Anxiety, terror, discouragement, these were the only feelings I felt at  that time. Rivers of tears streaked  my scared face. I reached slowly and with caution the dead man and, after making  sure that he was really dead, I took a big breath and I tried to calm myself to make a decision.

What will the mysterious man do?

  • The door behind him will close, forever. (0%)
  • Scared, he will run away shouting. (50%)
  • He will call the police. (50%)

Voti totali: 4

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5 Commenti

  1. Hi there,
    I’m not that good with English, but I do believe I could handle a comment… Or not?
    Anyway, I would like to know that someone is moving in the kitchen, almost near to the dead bald man and it would be nice if this one Is the killer. But, please, don’t tell me who he is as this is a crime story… 🙂
    See you in the next!

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